About Jizo

(JEE’-zoh), n., an ancient deity who is said to be the protector of all travelers.

JIZO is a social platform for people to join and create themed-travel groups based on common hobbies,
likes, and interests, and to go on trips the way they have never done before, with other travelers from
all over the world!
JIZO wants to make it easy for travelers to connect with each other and explore the world together. We
strongly believe that traveling is more fun when you have someone to travel with and to share your
travel experiences.
With being in the travel industry for many years and by learning a lot from our own travel experiences,
we decided to create a platform that provides a unique service, which may help people to easily decide
how to spend their available time and money, meet and communicate with new friends and follow their
travel dreams, whether it's a planned vacation, professional event or just friends travelling together.
Welcome to the JIZO family!

Welcome to the JIZO family!