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Raphael Christian
Arusha, Tanzania

Coffee Tour and Chemka Hotspring Daytrip

Coffee and Kikuletwa hotspring Daytrip is one of the most affordable safari in Tanzania.While thinking on what to do in Tanzania on your staying or volunteering programs this Daytrip is the best on your weekends.

On Daytrip you will learn how to
1.Harvest coffee beans,
2.How to peel,
3.How to roast,
4.How to make powder
5.How to Pack
6.How to plant

Ater that lesson you will heading to Kikuletwa Hotspring where you will meet a lot people. If you're interested with associating with local people here is the best place you compete with local people on how to swim and dive in here.

With us you have nothing to worry about you Safari and Staying will reach your expectations I Tanzania

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