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Bigthom Alias Mueller
Bern, Switzerland

Hua Hin its for me the favorite Destination at Thailand

First time i was visiting Hua Hin in 1995, i remember me exactly - i was on Surf holiday in Sumatra - about 20min with the Car from Banda Aceh and you was at some realy smal village, but at the Highseason, every Familiy rent some room to the Surfers, which like Log-nha very muche. I to, i was about 5times there, but on this story, i tell you about Hua Hin. After 2 Months Sumatra we must make some Visa-Run. The Parents of my Girlfriend, gos to Hua Hin for Holiday and there invite us, to stay together with the Parents at SOFITEL, Hua Hin. Today the Name of this Hotel are Centara, but still same nice and quite place, as for over 30 years. What kind of feeling we has, arrived after 2 Months at some Surfer-Room in Log-Nha with no Luxury, directly in one of the famoust 5Star Hotel in Hua Hin.
Today - Beginn of May 2021 - its Hua Hin a very attractive Destination for Farrangs and also for Thais, which coming from Bangkok at long Weekends, etc. With the Taxi to Bangkok you pay between THB 1600 und THB 2500, depense which direction and which kind of Car you like it. The Minibus Service charge you, arround THB 250 for one way. Duration approxly its 3 Hours, if you drive early in the morning or over Lunch Time, you get the distance sometimes in under 150min. In Hua Hin you will found near everything you need it for leaving. Hua Hin have 2 Shopping Center, Market Village - the cheaper one and the Blueport Shopping Mall. At The Food Store at the ground floor, you will find near everything as we get in our shopping center in Europa, but with the same Price as we have in Switzerland. When you leaving allready a few Years in Thailand and you miss the Swiss Chocolates or the Chees Fondue, than you can buy these products at Blueport, but the Cheese its near the double price as we have in Switzerland. Since more than 25years i coming to Hua Hin, right now i leaving here since 2019 and if everything work as i think - i will only go back home to Europe, to sell my Property and the shares from some Company. The Tourist go at the Night to Soi Bintapa and the Expats going to Soi 80. Both of them are Baar Street, but on Soi 80 you get form the same price as in soi Bintapa - 3 Drinks / No Joke. if you like to visit Hua Hin, dont forget to visit some attraction near by.

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