Alina Sidaruk

Personal Introduction

After graduation as a historian I traveled around Europe to enjoy the mesmerizing architecture of the ancient churches and castles where history comes alive in every street.

After relocating to Atlanta in 2007, nothing seemed familiar here. But as a pathfinder, I discovered the city step by step, one street after another to have eventually fallen in love with the modern capital of the South.

My passion is unusual historic places. Atlanta, Savannah and Jekyll Island have numbers of hidden gems: old mansions, castles, factories and Gothic churches are scattered in the greenery, but one has to know where to search for those.

My tours are not only about facts, it's rather a game. I am ready to dress up like a 19th century ma'am or come as Lara Сroft who will accompany you on the gold hunt during the Gold Rush. Be positive to find a couple of coins (maybe not golden, though) and I will tell you their story.

Interests & Hobbies

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