Brenda Saavedra

Personal Introduction

Hi everybody!
I´m Brenda, I am mexican based in the south of Germany, in Rosenheim, close to Munich.
I am married but I don´t travel with my husband I travel alone.
I´m here to know people who want to share travel experiences with me.

I always travel with my dog Samantha and we want to explore the world, here is a list of some of the countries I´m interested to:
Italy, Greece, Turkey, Belgium, NEtherlands, Norwey, Denmark, Finland, Rusland, Poland, Ucraina, Cambodya, Thailand, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, etc.
If you have a trip in mind and you are looking for someone to travel, let me know! We can even plan a route together.
I make handmade jewelry in my travels to pay the expenses.

I´m not looking for a family trip, just solo trip, backpacking trip and adventure trip.
Without kids or babies.

Pace and safe travels!

Interests & Hobbies

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