Freddie Chikima

Personal Introduction

My Name is Fredrick S. Chikima (Freddie) I am the owner and Managing
Director of Real Life Adventure Travel LTD in Tanzania located in Kilimanjaro region
I was born and raised in a small rural village called Mbahe at marangu area on the slopes of mountain Kilimanjaro, growing up in this particular area I felt in love with the nature and that’s where i discovered my passion and interest of exploring and tourism in general.

I always wondered what it felt by sharing the epitome beauty of my country through different tourist attraction and wonders found in my country, whereby a guest will be able to have an insight view of my country and meet our people through different experiences that are rich in culture, traditions customs and norms.
Through the passion and interests I had for nature it abundantly led me into sharing the knowledge and love i have for this beautiful land with all people across the world.So I became involved in tourism activities professionally as a mountain guide.

Interests & Hobbies

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